Solair ‘Motel’ Chair


Villa-Maria Metro Station

The Montreal Metro system deserves its own blog. Every trip down into the metro is a return to the heyday of 60’s Montreal under Mayor Drapeau. Every station has its own unique architecture and public art, all perfectly preserved deep underground. The Villa Maria station stands out for its modernist vibe and its pac-man like art installation.

Strongman’s Square

Located in St. Henri, Strongman Square Park pays homage to the man who paved the way for other Quebec singlet wearing stars like Andre the Giant and Mad Dog Vachon. Local hero Louis Cyr was the strongest man of his time. In the late 1800’s he was lifting 1,000 pounds with his finger and carrying platforms with 18 men on his back. Louis now stands guard over his square, sadly unable to crush the encroachment of ┬áthe big box stores and condo developments creeping closer towards him.



Paul’s Patate

The ultimate in casse-croute-ness. Toaste or steame, the Roy Family has been delivering the goods in The Point for over fifty years. Skip the pepsi and wash down your Trio Michigan old-school Voyageur style with a Bertrand Spruce Beer. The original Bertrand recipe made its way over the Lachine Canal from the now defunct Restaurant Emile Bertrand where it’s found a worthy home at Paul’s Patate.