76 Olympics Athlete’s Village



Chabanel Garment District


Salon de Barbier

Expo ’67 grounds

Today, you have to hunt for nostalgia on the ’67 grounds. There are few remaining structures and pavilions standing. Rusted modernist lampposts, crumbling concrete steps and rotting wood bleachers leave little evidence of the event many consider one of Canada’s finest cultural achievements.


La Pitoune

One of the only remaining Expo ’67 rides standing today, ‘La Pitoune’ was a chance to ‘experience’ Canada’s fur trading heritage by getting bounced and soaked in a hollowed out plastic log.

Expo ’67 Alcan Aquarium

The Alcan Aquarium was built for the 1967 World’s Fair. The building, with its soft serve twirled roof, has sat empty for decades. One of the stars of the building was an electric eel. A 60’s space age, digital light scale measured its electrical output to shocked and delighted kids.


The Depanneur Bike

Although still seen making reliable deliveries of Molson Ex 6-packs, Player’s Blue no filters and a couple of May Wests, the ‘Dep’ bike is quickly disappearing from Montreal streets. While most of the bikes were custom welded jobs, a few manufacturers specialized in these corner store rides. Maybe a hipster revival of these basketed fixies will keep them alive.